September 08, 2022

Champions are not created in a single day. It takes a lot of constant training to perfect your golf swing. But certain elements of the game are directly related to the quality of the grass you are using. Have you ever tried to golf on turf that isn’t perfectly mowed? It can make any sport more challenging and hurt your game. This is one of the main causes why synthetic grass is the first preference of several golfers. Continue reading to get more information.




Artificial turf will always be the prefect length, providing you the consistency you must have for great practice. The texture is made to feel and play like traditional grass, without the problems of natural grass has. Beneath the top layer, you will find backing systems that provide better bounce, aim, and roll, so you can rely on a predictable play of the ball irrespective of when you have time to practice.



An artificial green installed by a professional will always appear great, regardless of weather or wear and tear it may be open to. Southwest Greens turf is created with the highest quality to provide you the best. It will not fade from sun exposure or high pedestrian traffic. Ugly dead spots will never be a problem, ever again!



Synthetic turf wins for fewer maintenance requirements. Golf greens must be kept short, and with natural grass, this implies regular mowing and trimming. Furthermore, keeping weeds under control will be a difficult task with regular grass. Because synthetic grass is not an organic material, it will keep pests away without the consistent application of pesticides.



High-end synthetic grass has improved drainage compared to organic grass. This is because of the layers underneath the turf that enables liquid to drain out through exit points of the surface quickly and efficiently. Water will not puddle up on the turf as easily, and mud will become a distant memory. The putting green will be ready for play, whatever the weather.



Water usage is an immense drain on our natural resources. Artificial grass is a good way to reduce the amount of water you apply on your landscaping. Check out this article to learn more regarding how artificial grass is an perfect water-wise answer.



PGA Champions such as Jack Nicklaus, Rickie Fowler, and Anika Sorenstam all play on and endorse the artificial golf greens by Southwest Greens. These golf pros all understand that our artificial golf greens are the finest on the market. Read more on why in this blog post.



To wrap up, yes, artificial grass is absolutely superior to regular grass on a golf course! Make sure to read The Ultimate Guide Golfer’s Guide to Artificial Grass, too. When you are ready for a quote, our team at Southwest Greens of Connecticut is ready to help. Schedule your free consultation by contacting us here.