August 26, 2021

Discover what influences the cost in Greenwich and why in this article.

Looking for a backyard putting green?

No idea how much of an investment you will need?

Listed below are a few of the variables that influence the cost of synthetic grass.

Putting Green Size

Though PGA Tour putting greens are approximately 5,000 to 6,000 square feet in size, you can usually train your entire short game on a much smaller green. Below are some general costing guidelines:

Pricing Guidelines for Artificial Putting Greens: Prices range from $20 to $35 per square foot

* Variables like project size, layout, project access, and location create price swings and could lead prices to vary from the norm*

Variety of Green

Southwest Greens of Connecticut designs and implements a variety of golf turf that employ various construction techniques and various kinds of artificial turf. Fashioned to your requirements, your backyard putting green could be customized to meet your intended results.


The cost of a backyard putting green fluctuates depending on difficulty of the design and what skill level is needed to construct it. Our designers and distributors have extensive training and skills to create the finest design for you.

Site Access

The accessibility of the site to our tools and supplies will have a significant effect on the duration and costs needed in installing a putting green. Costs may rise if we are unable to enter your location conveniently with bigger machinery, as it means more labor. It will also affect the price if a large amount of grading and landscaping is required to prepare the property.

Site Preparation

Site preparation causes install rates to fluctuate. This is due to the fact that some areas will need existing grass removed, and some will not. If you live in a region where grass grows, we’ll need to remove existing greens or soil. If you live in a desert region, prepping the location for installation will be significantly easier.


Since you are considering a backyard putting green, our portfolio may leave you wanting more. Perhaps you like to incorporate bunkers, tee boxes, water hazards, or other features. Adding innovative elements to your greens will have an impact on the overall project cost.


Southwest Greens of Connecticut knows how to bring amazing designs to life. We have a reputation for creating high-quality golf greens since 1996; gaining the attention of over two dozen renowned PGA Tour professionals who have had Southwest Greens grass installed at their residences. We regard ourselves to be installation technology masters. The cost of installation will vary depending on your area, landscaping conditions, what you want in a putting green, and additional features you may add.

Southwest Greens of Connecticut For The Win

Our artificial putting green surfaces are expertly developed right here in the United States to mimic the true look, feel, and playability of natural grass. Your investment in a backyard putting green will augment your property value while also improving your short game. Our synthetic putting greens usually cost between $20 to $35 per square foot, depending on the factors listed above.

Ready For Your Southwest Greens Backyard Putting Green?

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